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No, we are not donor agency, however we also support regularly to NGOs as our corporate social responsibility. We are independent imitative developed by the ICA-IIQA, both are established organisations in Nepal.
Yes, they are. It is not necessary to purchase our service to apply for the grants. Anyone can apply. However, purchasing our service helps you to explore more in the field of fundraising and project development.
No. Even if you do not pay, you get some information. However, premium and exclusive members get full support. We provide one-to-one support to exclusive members. While using our subscription on regular basis, you will definitely know how much efforts we have put in it to present in this form. More than 20 professionals work day and night using sophisticated IT and national and international donors’ networks.
Normally we do not encourage you to ask free for this service as we have put the price very low so that everyone can afford. If your organisation is very poor, you can request us for free subscription. Based on the organizational assessment, we may provide you this service free for six months.
Yes, you can get this service through us. But for this service you should purchase our exclusive membership which is not allowable to every organisation. We can get limited membership for this subscription.
We believe that you will be fully satisfied with our service. If you want to discontinue it within a week of your subscription, we will return your money reducing the applicable taxes.